Heart Center ed healing  Connections

​​​​Creating Healing Connections at the Heart Center

About Us

  1. Cathe Reiss, LCSW, ACHT
    Cathe has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 20 years. She is also an Advanced Heart Centered Hypnotherapist trained through the Wellness Institute of Washington state. She combines traditional psychotherapy with alternative healing. Cathe's life purpose is to help others find joy and connection in their lives by assisting them in healing their old emotional wounds and releasing their self limiting beliefs so that they can create the positive, fulfilling futures they desire.  Specialties: Healing childhood traumas, Self esteem, Codependency, Depression / anxiety issues, Emotional eating problems / Smoking cessation & other self defeating behaviors and habits, Healing traumatic losses, Management of physical complaints due to health issues and aging and Life transitions Insurances Accepted: Cigna, United Health Care,
  2. Erika Cohane, LCSW ACHT
    Erika is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Advanced Heart Centered Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been working in the field since 1993 and specializes in transformational work for human potentiality, personal growth and self actualization. As an empathetic professional, she brings with her a genuine care for her clients. Erika is committed to helping her clients develop the skills to address their challenges, enabling them to experience peace and fulfillment in their lives.  Specialties: Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Co-Dependency, Childhood Trauma, Depression, Differently Abled Challenges, Grief/Loss, Life Transitions, Self Defeating Behaviors and Self Esteem Insurances Accepted: Aetna, Cigna, ComPsych, Conchordia, E4Health, Medicare
Our Work

We do personal transformational work which  can be seen as an overall change in one's outlook, self image, capacity, direction and actualization.  It is a metamorphosis that develops from one’s realization that they are able to grow toward a different path. It is looking at the self and world with a new perception, discovering new aptitudes, uncovering present abilities and committing to a new plan for living.  Personal transformation requires self reflection with personal  responsibility to make the fundamental shifts in beliefs that will allow for growth and change. It ultimately is the process of reinventing  yourself into who you were meant to be! 
Our Philosophy

.We work under the philosophy that all people have the right to respect and dignity, no matter their situation or circumstance. Each of us has a light inside that just needs to be uncovered. Once that happens, it can be used to find the path to self fulfillment and happiness. We can create the life we want for ourselves once we recognize that we have the ability within us to do so.

​Our Approach

We provide the tools that help you discover the wholeness that exists within you. We use both a traditional and holistic approach to psychotherapy. The first step in the process of healing is to help the client find the origins of their wounds. This treatment is in-depth and is individualized according to the client’s needs. Using our intuition, we tailor the sessions to fit each individual’s needs.  We believe in healing emotional, psychological and spiritual pain, thereby integrating your body, mind, and soul.  Our goal is to help you heal the wounds of your past in order to  live a fuller and happier life in the present.