Heart Center ed healing  Connections

​​​​Creating Healing Connections at the Heart Center

Transformational Journeys

​​ For those who want to move beyond therapy to Personal Transformation​.  Moving beyond “correcting” and into discovering the full potential of who you are 
"This weekend was an awaking experience." 

"My words cannot begin to describe the incredible knowledge I gained & how powerful your activities were this weekend. I soaked up your every word, observed all, still processing even as today."

"Because of your skills, your professional knowledge, I feel a clarity & answers to many neglected issues surface this weekend." 

"This process worked.  I’ve never experienced anything like it ever in my life. And omg, it worked. It was an exhausting, intense experience -so surreal. I opened myself with full vulnerability. I’ve not ever allowed for such vulnerability but I welcomed it...and, because of this weekend, I found roots to my issues which were draining me."

"Such an Intense & powerful & effective workshop for me." 

"I thank you both, Erika & Cathe, with a grateful heart for allowing me to attend and soak up your professional knowledge, caring, and time you both gave to me. Thank you for the work you’re doing, it’s working."

"I came in with heavy burdens and you lifted up my soul and led me to shed those demon burdens which made me into a person I really wasn’t."

"Because of your work, I’m headed down the right path which you helped me find- the path to my authentic self." 

"Im so appreciative, so grateful, & so fortunate to have been with you this past weekend."

Letting Go Weekend

A two and a half day workshop exploring the perceptions developed and roles played that result in the feeling of being “stuck”.  Tools for release from self created chains are identified and experienced allowing movement on the path towards personal healing and freedom.  The weekend includes didactics, processes, discussions and release work. Discover what keeps you from moving forward and learn how to let go so you can begin your own personal transformation!​​​​​​​

Revealing Authenticity Intensive Weekend

A one and a half day workshop that identifies the development of your individual road map to self limiting beliefs, resulting in the loss of self.  A process for uncovering the true self is experienced. This workshop includes didactics, processes, discussions and release work. Explore deeper depths and discover what keeps you hiding so that you can reveal your authenticity!

Personal Transformation Intenstive (PTI)

This EXPERIENTIAL WEEKEND series is designed to get down to the deeper soul level of self discovery.  Over five different weekends, It focuses on healing codependency, addictions, sexual abuse, mind-body issues and relationships. Powerful individual and group techniques are used to bring healing and personal growth to the mind, body, emotions and spirit. These include: Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Breath Work, Energetic Psychodrama, and Kundalini meditation.  Move beyond traditional therapy and into your personal transformation!